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Featured Project:  Disaster Defender – A Game That Makes A Difference In REAL Life

How would you like to turn a $1 donation into $80 for Christian Ministries?

 Disaster Defender is a mobile role playing game designed as a fast-paced adventure where players experience some of the world’s most catastrophic events, play the role of a real-world First Responder to assist disaster victims and protect property, and learn what it is like to be a true hero.  It also realistically illustrates how disasters affect the world’s most vulnerable (women and children in developing nations), and the challenges and tasks faced by emergency response and humanitarian aid workers as they work to save lives.

 Disaster Defender is also unique in that it allows the player to make a “real-world” difference by immediately donating a full 50% of purchases made in the game to the Charity of the player’s choice.  No other game on the market offers the player the ability to support faith-based non-profit organizations at this level, and we are the only game that can state that the player can save lives both in the game and in the real world!  Revenue generated by game play will make an immediate and positive financial impact for Christian Ministries around the world.

We are currently seeking donations to move our game from a prototype stage to production for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. YOU can make a difference by joining us!  Please click on the “Donate Now” tab at the top of the Home Page to join other Christians in multiplying the impact of  their financial support.