About Peace Foundation

Bringing Peace in Times of Crisis

Peace Foundation is a faith-based Charitable Foundation focused on maximizing the Kingdom Impact of Christian Ministries around the world.  We are technologists with subject matter expertise in disaster response and humanitarian aid, and we serve as a “Trusted Partner” to field-based organizations by sourcing and deploying technology solutions that help save lives and property while also generating revenue for these Ministries.

Quite simply, we do what existing Christian non-profit organizations don’t have the time, energy, focus, or domain expertise to do:

  • We work at the local level to understand the most critical life-saving and life-enhancing needs in Six (6) core Focus Areas (Disaster Response/Relief, Global Health, Water & Sanitation, Community Resilience, Education, and Faith Support)
  • We select technology, resource, and service solutions that meet these needs,
  • We use existing faith-based non-profits to deploy these solutions around the globe, and
  • We generate revenue for Christian Ministries through the sale of these solutions to other organizations.

We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and speed-of-business approach to our not-for-profit Foundation, and our technology solutions serve as a true “Kingdom Multiplier” for Christian Ministries around the world.

Peace Foundation has several existing projects in need of your financial support.  For information on these technology solutions, select the “What We Do” tab on the Peace Foundation Home Page.