Financially Support Peace Foundation

Peace Foundation identifies, sources, and deploys technology, resource, and service solutions through existing humanitarian aid organizations in the areas of Disaster Response/Relief, Global Health, Water & Sanitation, Community Resilience, Education, and Faith Support.

Tax deductible Donations provided to support Peace Foundation solutions are true “Impact Investments” as they provide sustained life-saving and life-enhancing benefits to vulnerable populations around the world.

Peace Foundation focuses on technology, resource, and service solutions that generate financial returns from the sale of these solutions to organizations other than field-based non-profits.  When revenue is generated, the financial returns will be used to directly support faith-based Ministries that empower women, protect children, eradicate disease, and eliminate poverty.

This is the epitome of socially responsible impact investing, but with the tax benefits typical of charitable donations.  With Peace Foundation for Global Provision, you can be assured that your donation will make a true and lasting difference in the lives of others while also helping existing Christian Ministries to become more efficient, more skilled, and more focused in their own mission areas.

Peace Foundation literally multiplies the financial impact of every donated dollar for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

To support Peace Foundation through a tax deductible Donation, please click on the “Donate Now” tab on the menu bar at the top of the Home Screen.