Disaster Defender: A Game that Makes a Difference in Real Life

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That’s the Mission of our game.  If you are looking for an action-packed adventure where you face some of the world’s most catastrophic events, where you can save lives and protect property, and where you experience what it is like to be a true hero, then welcome to Disaster Defender!

In this game, the players are put right in the action of a catastrophic event, and they experience the hard choices and heroic tasks that await First Responders, Humanitarian Aid Workers, and other true life Heroes.  We provide “real-world” scenarios, robust story lines, extensive challenges, and the fast pace typical of a “towers of defense” game.  The result is an entertaining, realistic, and educational experience with all the action and challenges you expect from an excellent role playing game.

Disaster Defender is a content-rich, graphic, and fully-realistic representation of a local community affected by a disaster.  Each game iteration is based on a country that has experienced a significant disaster.  A major Earthquake is our first game iteration, and will be closely followed by a game based on the Ebola outbreak.

For each game, the player chooses a Defender (a role related to humanitarian aid or disaster response, such as an aid worker, a first responder, a field surgeon/nurse, a law enforcement official, etc.).  The player, based on the role selected, is presented with picture of the local populace that are victims of the disaster, and a series of tasks/challenges that involve decision-making in response to the emergency situation that is occurring (or has occurred).

When a task is completed, the effect on the local populace is illustrated (positive or negative), and another task is presented.  The tasks are realistic (and the decisions to be made are difficult), and the user must balance the resources available/needed to save lives against these difficult situations in order to maximize lives saved.


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A game that makes a difference in “real life”

Disaster Defender will also make a “real-world” difference by donating a full 50% of the purchases made in the game to the Charity of the player’s choice.  That’s right, we said fifty percent!

While you can certainly play Disaster Defender at no cost (we will offer a free download and several free levels), there will be virtual goods available for purchase (such as medical supplies, tools, water purification systems, and other items) that facilitate game play and help the player to meet a challenge and advance.  When any purchases are made, the game will allow the player to select a Charity to receive a “real life” donation valued at half of the player’s purchase.  In addition, High Scores will ultimately lead to a “real life” picture of a Charity donation making a difference in the field, with the donation in that player’s name.  Can you imagine how much money could be donated to Charities around the world as a result of playing the game?  You can be a part of making a different in the lives of others around the world while you play a really cool, fun, and challenging game.


Who we are and our qualifications to offer a disaster-focused game

Disaster Defender was designed by Peace Foundation for Global Provision, a Charitable Foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We focus on identifying and providing much-needed technology, resource, and service solutions that benefit the world’s most vulnerable (women and children in impoverished nations).  We have extensive experience in disaster response and humanitarian aid efforts, and assisted the survivors of catastrophic events around the globe, including the Haitian Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and the Japanese Tsunami and Radiological event, to name a few.  Our expertise has provided the content, character roles, and challenges/tasks to our Development Team.

Speaking of which, Peace Foundation selected a seasoned and talented development organization with extensive game design experience to develop the game to run on multiple platforms.  Our developers have built mobile and social networking games, and also have experience leading a multi-million dollar action game franchise.  Most importantly, we have “Serious Game” development expertise on the team, as Disaster Defender will clearly illustrate the effects that catastrophic events, like hurricanes, earthquakes, disease outbreaks, and tsunamis have on the most vulnerable populations in the world.  It will foster positive reactions to the realities displayed in the game, rather than entertaining through violence as many other games do today.  The disasters themselves are certainly violent, and as in real life, the choices a player makes can have positive, or negative, outcomes.  But with Disaster Defender the players get to choose real-life Heroes to defend the community and citizens in response to an emergency situation.


What makes Disaster Defender unique and compelling?

Disaster Defender will focus on the most catastrophic and visual disasters, including (but not limited to):

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With each Game Iteration (which will focus on a specific disaster and be available to play on multiple game platforms, such as Mobile, Social Networks, Online, and Video Game devices), the player will select a “Defender” (a role to play) and will face challenges within each Level of the Game for each Defender:


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Each Level of the Game is focused on Resource Management and fast-paced Decision Making so that the number of lives saved is maximized.  Within each Level, as the player is more successful with his/her “Defender”, additional challenges present themselves that can even be subsequent emergency situations within the main disaster.  These additional challenges include (but are not limited to):


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Disaster Defender will also feature a “Story Mode” that illustrates how vulnerable populations are affected by disasters.  Our intent is to entertain and educate the player and set the stage for the tasks that the Defender must accomplish:


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As depicted above, Disaster Defender has a contrasting “Survival Mode” to the Story Mode regarding vulnerable populations.  This introduces a common dichotomy in “real life” disasters for our Defenders….how to maintain a balance between lives saved and property protected with the desire to care for the needs of individuals.


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The main screen within the Disaster Defender – Earthquake game provides the backdrop for the Objectives to be accomplished by the player at specific levels of the game:


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Note the “Defenders Toolbar” at the top of the screen as well as the “Resources Toolbar” at the bottom of the screen.  Across each Objective within each Game Level, the player will need to effectively manage the available Resources associated with each Defender.

The player chooses a Defender (role) to begin playing the game.  A specific Defender can be played across multiple game levels, or the player can change Defenders within the game to address different challenges and tasks.  The player can also follow the “Story Mode”, which will require different Defenders to be played across game levels.


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The First Responder “Defender” has a critical Resource (Fuel) that must be managed.


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The Emergency Physician “Defender” in the Field Clinic manages Medical Supplies as a critical Resource.

Each Defender has challenges to face and tasks to perform at each stage of the game.  As the player advances to higher game levels, the pace of the game becomes faster, the tasks harder, and the need to manage Resources effectively becomes more critical in order to save lives.

In the “Story Mode”, the player’s First Objective involves the First Responder “Defender”.  The Objective is a “Search and Rescue” mission to look for survivors of the earthquake and to remove them from harm.


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A successful Search and Rescue mission could result in a need to reunify a victim with his/her family, or it could involve a life-saving transport to a field medical clinic.


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The Second Objective for the player involves the Humanitarian Aid Worker “Defender”.  The Objective is to transport earthquake survivors to the Aid Camp and to begin providing for basic needs and to start the process of family reunification.


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The young child rescued in Objective 1 of the Game interacts with an Aid Worker, and her story begins to unfold.  At higher levels of the Game, her health is in question, and the First Responder “Defender” faces difficulties in moving her to the Aid Camp (due to riots in the area).


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Objectives 3 and 4 introduce a time element where the player must respond at a faster pace, and with more challenges/tasks that are time-sensitive, in order to save lives.  This is the essence of a “Towers of Defense” Game…fast paced, full of action, and more difficult level by level.


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Objective 4 focuses on the Emergency Physician “Defender” working at the Field Clinic.  This Defender must make strategic (but difficult) choices based on the Medical Supplies available and the types of injuries he/she sees in order to maximize lives saved.  The young child in this “Story Mode” will eventually visit this Clinic, and her injuries are more severe than anticipated.  As Game levels increase, the patient volume increases, supplies become scarce, and the player must determine how to get more supplies to the clinic.


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Objective 5 for the player focuses on the Aid Camp, and the logistics associated with setting up the Camp, managing it, and providing needed supplies to the survivors housed in the Camp.  This will take the efforts of multiple “Defenders”, which illustrates how the Game increases in complexity of game play as the player moves through Objectives and Levels.


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The value of Supplies is illustrated in Objective 6 as the player must navigate through areas of civil unrest, road infrastructure problems, and other challenges to gather and transport food/medicine to the Aid Camp and to the Field Clinic.


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The “Story Mode” of the Game continues as the player faces difficulties in finding the young child’s family, and the “Survival Mode” also continues, as additional challenges emerge (earthquake aftershocks, rioting/looting, structural fires, unsafe drinking water in the Camp, etc.).  The pace of the Game also quickens as the Levels increase.


What is the Status of the Game?

Currently we have a working Prototype of the Disaster Defender game, funded by Peace Foundation supporters as well as a well-known international Humanitarian Aid Organization.  We are in development to complete a Production version of our first game iteration, and will be launching a Kickstarter project soon to allow us to finish this work and to move forward with additional game iterations.

Our first two Mobile game iterations will be Disaster Defender: Earthquake and Disaster Defender: Ebola.  Each Mobile game instance utilizes the same code base, so additional games will not require a complete start-to-finish development effort.

We are so excited about our progress and the upcoming Kickstarter project!  We are also looking forward to supporting some amazing Charities as 50% of all revenue obtained from game play will make an immediate difference in the lives of people around the world.

Please watch for an announcement soon regarding the Kickstarter project.



Disaster Defender is truly a game that can make a difference in real life.  We are all about giving people the ability to have fun and to help others at the same time.

With Disaster Defender, players are put right into the action of a catastrophic event, and they experience the hard choices and heroic tasks that await First Responders and Aid Workers as they fight hurricanes, earthquakes, disease outbreaks, and tsunamis.  We provide “real-world” scenarios, robust story lines, extensive challenges, and the fast pace typical of a “towers of defense” game, and the result is an entertaining, action-packed, and educational experience that will keep players playing.

And when they play, Disaster Defender provides avenues where gamers can support the efforts of the Charity of their choice.  50% of funds provided by players when they purchase Virtual Goods go to help those in need.

Disaster Defender is unique, compelling, and positioned for a world that craves realistic entertainment.  Our game, however, will not only entertain, but also educate, and result in an experience that makes an impact on the heart of the player.

In order to meet ongoing operational/hosting/support costs for all game iterations, we have opened a fund for direct investments in this project.  If you are a Qualified Investor and would like to support Disaster Defender directly, please click on the following link:  Invest With Peace Foundation.  Be a part of the game that makes a difference in real life!


Please check this web page often to see the latest in our game release schedule.  We will announce a release date for Disaster Defender:  Ebola and Disaster Defender:  Earthquake soon!