Educational & Emergency Alert Device for Children

Peace Foundation is partnering with Leading The Way, a radio and television broadcast ministry reaching over 200 countries around the world, to enhance the lives of people in vulnerable communities. Together we are designing an emergency alert device that can save lives, foster education, and improve the ongoing livelihood of women and children in impoverished nations.

As of 2007 there were an estimated 163 million displaced children, according to UNICEF. Many of these children live in impoverished communities, often without access to basic resources and services that we take for granted, such as electric power, food and water, communications, and schools.

Using Technology to Communicate

Leading-The-Way-logoPeace Foundation and Leading The Way have designed a technology device that can serve as a valuable communications, educational, and Christian outreach tool. About the size and weight of a small radio, and powered by a battery with both solar power and hand-crank charging options, this emergency alert device has an extendible light so that children can read at night in areas without electric power.

It also has an MP3 player where educational materials can be stored and played for the benefit of children. The MP3 player also offers tremendous value to adults as it includes recorded broadcasts from Leading The Way in both English and their native language.

Finally, the emergency alert device has a radio that receives pre-set AM, FM, and short wave frequencies. This enables users to hear educational content as well as weather and emergency alerts, providing an opportunity to save lives in the event of an oncoming tsunami, tropical cyclone or other emergency situations.

Leveraging Technology to Provide Education

A device such as this could also assist other humanitarian aid organizations that provide educational materials to children. Local aid workers could update the educational content on the device on a consistent basis, which would provide ongoing value to the recipient, and also encourage interaction between the recipient and the aid organization. Peace Foundation has already discussed this opportunity with three different humanitarian aid organizations, and we anticipate full support of the industry in this endeavor.

This device is also an incredible opportunity to generate revenue for Christian Ministries.  Many Corporations would like to provide relevant content to assist vulnerable populations in critical areas, such as healthcare, water and sanitation, education, and financial services.  We anticipate significant Corporate Sponsorships that will provide funds which Peace Foundation will immediately donate to our Ministry Partners, thus multiplying the impact for God’s Kingdom.

This technology is in the final design phase.  In order to complete the design and cover manufacturing costs as well as ongoing sales and business development costs, we need your support!  If you would like to make a donation for this Educational and Emergency Alert technology, please click on the “Donate Now” tab on the menu bar of the Home Page.