Real-time Personnel Tracking: Saving Lives

Aid Worker Safety 3Peace Foundation is partnering with two separate humanitarian aid organizations on the implementation of a very sensitive, yet vital technology solution.

As the news media has reported, humanitarian aid organizations have recently become targets of terrorism, civil unrest, and other man-made threats. This exposes a clear need to plan for, and quickly respond to, security incidents and to track personnel and resources associated with these organizations.

Based on our experience in U.S. Homeland Security planning and response efforts, and the depth of emergency management subject matter expertise in our organization, Peace Foundation was engaged to design and implement a discrete technology solution that provides real-time personnel tracking, along with the ability to track key assets.

We are currently evaluating manufacturers of a solution the size of an identification badge linked to a satellite-based geographic positioning system (GPS) with frequent location transmissions that can then be mapped onto a geo-spatial mapping environment. This solution will be tested and deployed in major “hot spots” around the world where aid organizations face the greatest threats.

The importance of this project cannot be understated. We possess the opportunity to make an immediate and substantial difference in saving lives and in protecting the safety and interests of relief operations around the globe. This same device tracks physical resources, such as food, water, or medicine shipments – offering significant savings in recovering supplies “lost” in transit.

This device also has a tremendous potential to generate significant revenue for Christian Ministries around the globe.  The need to track key personnel also exists in Corporate and Government markets, and we are confident that this device will be sold extensively in these markets.

This technology is through the design phase and is ready to be manufactured.  In order to cover manufacturing costs as well as ongoing sales and business development costs, we are seeking donations.  If you would like to support this Personnel Tracking technology, please click on the “Donate Now” tab on the menu bar of the Home Page.