Technologies for Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery

Girl with CansIn today’s world, local governments must both plan for, and respond to, man-made and natural emergencies. The threat of terrorism and the everyday events, such as tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, and earthquakes, faced by communities around the globe on a daily basis puts additional strain on the human and physical resources available to respond at the local level.

Leveraging Technology to Aid in Disaster Recovery

Technologies do exist that mitigate risk, improve emergency preparedness, facilitate interagency collaboration, provide emergency supply chain/logistics, and assist in recovery from natural and man-made disasters. There are many positive results to the deployment of technology solutions for disaster response and recovery initiatives, including:

  • Mobilize & deploy relief goods & staff faster
  • Improve the safety of aid workers & beneficiaries in the field
  • Strengthen the coordination & collaboration of disaster response organizations
  • Enhance service delivery to those most affected by the disaster
  • Optimize medical services delivery to disaster victims
  • Track & manage vehicles, equipment, & personnel operating in-country
  • Account for food, water, medicine, & other supplies provided to disaster victims
  • Upgrade the care & services provided to displaced persons after a disaster
  • Advance water, sanitation, & health services delivery to affected populations

We evaluate existing software and communications technologies in cooperation with the world’s leading humanitarian aid organizations. This enables us to identify and deploy strategic and meaningful disaster recovery solutions that save lives and property.

It is also important to insure that these technologies are applicable to these organizations on a daily basis, not just emergent situations. We ensure that all deployed disaster recovery solutions are sustainable into traditional development programs, and provide lasting benefits to participants and the vulnerable populations which they serve.

These solutions can also generate significant revenue for Christian Ministries when sold to Government Agencies and Corporations involved in disaster response and remediation activities.  Many Fortune 500 companies are directly involved in providing their products and services to developing nations, and our technologies will enhance and protect supply chains, enhance local service delivery, and optimize the delivery of healthcare and needed resources around the world.  The revenue received from sales to these organizations will be donated to Peace Foundation’s Ministry Partners, multiplying the positive financial impact for Ministries serving God’s Kingdom.

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